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  • What is Organized and what does it do
    Organized is a productivity app that helps you manage your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. It allows you to create lists, set reminders, track your progress, and earn points for consistency.
  • How does the Organized app handle privacy and data storage?
    All your data is stored locally on your device for privacy. The app does not upload your data to the cloud, ensuring that your information remains private and secure.
  • Does the app support multiple languages?
    Currently, the Organized app is available only in English. Support for additional languages may be added in the future as the app scales.
  • How is this app different from a regular calendar?
    Unlike a regular calendar, our app categorizes your tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly tabs, making it easier to manage and view recurring tasks all in one place.
  • How do notifications work in Organized?
    Reminders appear as local push notifications to ensure you don't miss important tasks. These notifications work entirely offline and respect your privacy.
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